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We provide the most types of concrete services with the highest quality of the concrete companies in the surrounding area. How do we know this? We have many satisfied customers who recommend us very often, and we can look at our work with a greatest satisfaction as we receive a lot of positive feedback from our happy customers on a daily basis. We are proud that C and H Concrete has been doing business in Benton Harbor MI for the past 25 years. We have designed many features including walls, porches, patios, water features, walkways, driveways, and ornamental cement works.

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by Terri V. on C and H Concrete
Awesome service!

From beginning to end, C and H Concrete was a pleasure to speak with. They patiently answered all my many questions and even suggested several ways to save some money without taking short cuts! Then they delivered on their promises. I got the foundation I wanted, and at a much better price than the other bids. Thank you!!! I recommend them to everyone!

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We can create marvelous designs in concrete patios that will look as good, if not better, than any stone or brick work. One example of our expert work is how we lay a foundation for a patio. We remove dirt to a depth of six inches, and replace it with sand that we compact, so that it will not loosen or move. Then we pour the concrete to the depth that the customer acknowledges to be the best considering the weather. When the concrete is poured we immediately create designs in the cement after leveling it out. Of course, we can leave the cement as poured, or add coloring as well as make the patio look like it is made of patio stones. Concrete Contractor in Benton Harbor MIThe work we can do with patios has endless possibilities. One of C and H Concrete‘s specialties, in fact, is etching concrete with acid to make it look like other types of patio styles and materials. Building cement walls is another specialty of our company. As one of the most trusted and preferred concrete companies, we can make these walls plain, or we can make them a yard decor item.

Driveways are also one of our specialties. Our cement supply and paving company can deliver C and H Concrete several types of cement mix. These vary in strength and appearance. Gravel is often added to the cement mixture to make the mix stronger. The mix of cement, sand, gravel and water is critical to our ability to make a concrete driveway that is strong enough to hold the weight of vehicles. We know how to place expansion strips, so that the driveway will not crack. The concrete mix that we specify is a major factor in creating the strength of the concrete. Our customers who have already used our services within Benton Harbor MI know that well and help other people taking advantage of our quality services by recommending us. We also offer masonry services!

We have a special mix for walkways that requires an exact amount of water since water will determine how weak or how strong the walkway is. We believe our materials makes the best driveways and walkways. If you want to see for yourself call us – the dependable concrete contractor, today for a free estimate and our concrete services and design ideas for your property. The other concrete companies aren’t so committed to your satisfaction, like us!